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Punjab Rashan Riayat Portal 5566 Check Online 2024

Punjab Rashan Riayat Portal 5566

The Punjab Rashan Riayat Portal 5566, provided by Pakistan, facilitates eligibility verification for subsidies. This portal enables easy checking of eligibility status, particularly for ration subsidies. As part of the relief package, eligible individuals receive special discounts on 19 essential items available at utility stores, including 10 kg of flour priced at Rs 648, ghee at Rs 365 per kg, and sugar at Rs 109 per kg. However, eligibility verification is a prerequisite.

Verification of eligibility can be conveniently done from home using the USC website. Through this platform, individuals can ascertain their eligibility for Ramadan and general subsidies. The USC website is commonly utilized for eligibility verification and subsidy acquisition.

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Punjab Rashan Riayat Portal 5566

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Ramazan Rashan Riayat

The process involves visiting the USC website and navigating to the Subsidy Eligibility section. There, users can choose between General Subsidy and Ration Subsidy options to access the portal. Upon selecting the desired option, users are prompted to input their CNIC number without any slashes, followed by clicking the Eligibility Check button. After a brief processing time, eligibility status is displayed, often accompanied by news of subsidy approval for Ramadan rations.

Following eligibility verification, beneficiaries receive discounts on ration items throughout the holy month of Ramadan. Chief Minister Punjab, Maryam Nawaz, emphasized the commitment to enhancing facilities for the populace, especially the underprivileged, amidst economic challenges and inflationary pressures. To address these issues, the Ramadan Ration Riayat program offers discounts on essential food items like ghee, flour, sugar, rice, and pulses.

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Maryam Nawaz Set New Eligibility Criteria

Maryam Nawaz has introduced new eligibility criteria to address inflation and poverty, aiming to assist those in need effectively. In addition to providing ration and flour, the program endeavors to deliver aid directly to the entitled individuals, including widows, single mothers, and unemployed individuals with no other means of income. Employment opportunities are also promised as part of the Ramadan package, underscoring the commitment to improving the lives of the populace, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan.



The Punjab Rashan Riayat Portal 5566 facilitates eligibility verification and access to subsidies, notably during Ramadan. Led by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, the program aims to provide essential assistance to vulnerable groups, addressing inflation and poverty. By offering discounts on basic food items and promising aid directly to those in need, the initiative seeks to ensure a dignified Ramadan for all citizens.

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FAQs: Punjab Rashan Riayat Portal 5566

1. What is the Punjab Rashan Riayat Portal 5566?
The Punjab Rashan Riayat Portal 5566 is a platform in Pakistan for verifying eligibility for subsidies, particularly for ration subsidies.

2. How can I check my eligibility for subsidies using the portal?
Visit the USC website, navigate to the Subsidy Eligibility section, input your CNIC number, and click the Eligibility Check button to ascertain your eligibility status.

3. What benefits does the portal offer during Ramadan?
During Ramadan, eligible individuals receive discounts on essential food items available at utility stores, ensuring a dignified Ramadan for all citizens.