Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
Electric Bike scheme 2024 for students by Maryam Nawaz Latest Update

Today, Punjab’s recently elected chief minister pledged to bolster youth empowerment through various initiatives. CM Maryam Nawaz unveiled plans for e-bikes, iPads, and complimentary bus services to alleviate transportation expenses for students.

As the nation’s inaugural female CM, she has sanctioned two significant transport endeavors in Punjab. Under her directive, approximately 20,000 e-bikes and 657 public buses are set to be deployed on the roads.

Punjab Student E-Bike Program

The Student E-Bike Program, initiated by the Punjab Government, aims to facilitate students, working women, youth, and individuals with disabilities in accessing transportation solutions. This program specifically targets the commuting challenges faced by college and university students.

Program Details:

  • Total Number of E-Bikes: 20,000
  • Total Number of Public Buses: 657

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Online Application Process:

Starting next month, online applications for the free e-bike scheme will commence. Punjab Bank will extend support to the most densely populated regions of the country by offering student loans. The new system ensures that schools and university students can purchase e-bikes at reduced rates with convenient payment options.

free e-bike scheme

Gender-Specific Quotas:

In the initial phase, the program will be rolled out in major cities such as Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, and Faisalabad, with plans for expansion into smaller cities across Punjab. The program will allocate separate quotas for male and female students. The approval process for student applications will be meticulously managed to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

Latest Update (2024):

Interested candidates can obtain approval by visiting the government platform and submitting their applications in May of this year. Punjab’s CM has also directed the arrangement of buses for students in every tehsil within Punjab, along with the reduction of advance payments for students.

Assessment of Transportation Project Progress

During a meeting with senior officials, CM Maryam evaluated the transportation project aimed at enhancing student convenience. In the initial phase, buses will be deployed in major cities including Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, and Bahawalpur.

In a related development, Maryam Nawaz suggested lowering the expenses associated with low-income housing and establishing a timeline for land allocation for large-scale housing projects in the city. Additionally, measures were introduced to mitigate the overall housing costs.

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In conclusion, CM Maryam’s evaluation of the transportation project highlights a proactive approach toward enhancing student comfort and addressing urban housing challenges. The phased implementation of buses in major cities and proposed measures to reduce housing costs demonstrate a commitment to improving the quality of life for citizens in Punjab.