Wed. Jun 19th, 2024
BISP Achieves 80% Success Rate in January-March Distribution Key Highlights

Under the guidance of Zonal Director Dr. Abdul Aziz Qureshi, the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) in the AJK region has achieved a noteworthy milestone with its BISP Kafaalat Disbursement Program. Over the span of January to March, the program effectively disbursed Rs 879,928,500 to more than eighty-five thousand BISP beneficiaries, marking a remarkable success rate of over 80 percent.

Benazir Kafaalat Disbursement Program

In a recent press release, Dr. Abdul Aziz Qureshi expressed his satisfaction at the significant progress and impact of the Benazir Kafaalat Disbursement Program. He underscored the program’s pivotal role in poverty alleviation and the empowerment of marginalized communities, highlighting its commendable efficiency and impact since its inception.

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Key Highlights of BISP 10500 January to March Distribution:

  • Total Financial Aid Disbursed: Rs 879,928,500
  • Number of Beneficiaries Reached: Over 85,000
  • Success Rate: Exceeding 80%

Dr. Abdul Aziz Qureshi emphasized that surpassing the target of 80,517 beneficiaries underscores the program’s effectiveness in meeting the financial needs of BISP beneficiaries. He reiterated the organization’s commitment to delivering tangible results and making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and families across the state.

Factors Contributing to BISP Success:

  • Dedicated Team: The concerted efforts of BISP’s dedicated team.
  • Supportive Stakeholders: Strong support from stakeholders, including government agencies, partner organizations, and communities.
  • Transparent Process: A transparent and efficient disbursement process.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Rigorous monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to ensure assistance reaches those in need.

As BISP continues its mission to enhance the welfare of marginalized populations and foster sustainable livelihoods, the organization remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation, accountability, and equitable access to opportunities for all.


  1. What is the Benazir Kafaalat Disbursement Program?
    The Benazir Kafaalat Disbursement Program is a part of the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) aimed at providing financial aid to vulnerable families in Pakistan to alleviate poverty.
  2. Who qualifies for the program?
    Eligibility is based on specific criteria set by BISP, targeting low-income families, widows, persons with disabilities, and other marginalized groups across Pakistan.
  3. How are funds distributed?
    Funds are directly transferred to beneficiaries’ bank accounts after verification, utilizing advanced technology and monitoring systems to ensure transparency and prevent misuse.

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In conclusion, the Benazir Kafaalat Disbursement Program plays a vital role in addressing poverty and empowering marginalized communities in Pakistan. Through transparent processes and dedicated efforts, it ensures efficient delivery of financial aid to those in need. With continued support and commitment, the program will undoubtedly contribute to building a more equitable and prosperous society for all.