Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
Exciting Update Pakistan's Prime Minister Relaunches Youth Laptop Scheme in 2024

The Higher Education Commission of Islamabad has implemented the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme under the umbrella of the Prime Minister’s Youth Program. This initiative aims to create employment opportunities while providing laptops solely to deserving, talented students enrolled in Pakistan’s public higher education institutions.

What is the Prime Minister Youth Laptop Scheme?

The 2024 Prime Minister Laptop Scheme is currently operational. This initiative aims to distribute laptops to 50,000 eligible students enrolled in public universities across Pakistan. Initially launched in 2017, the program provided laptops to over 50,000 students. The goal of the PM Laptop Scheme is to furnish students with free laptops to enhance their educational pursuits and contribute to the nation’s development. While initially focused on Punjab’s youth, it has now been decided that funding will be equally distributed among all provinces of Pakistan.

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2024

Registration Process for Laptop Scheme

To enroll in the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2024, eligible candidates must directly visit the HEC website and complete the online registration process. The official scheme website provides detailed information and registration guidelines to facilitate easy access for interested students. Eligible applicants are required to fill out the registration form with their contact information and educational background. Timely notifications regarding official updates, deadlines, and registration procedures are crucial to ensuring timely submissions of applications.

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Goals of the Laptop Scheme

The Prime Minister Laptop Scheme aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Elevate Pakistan’s IT sector to international standards of innovation and acceptance.
  2. Foster strong partnerships between educational institutions and IT training providers.
  3. Create conducive networking environments within educational institutions.
  4. Enhance student learning environments by providing cutting-edge IT technology and improving IT programs.
  5. Sustain competitiveness in the global IT market by offering state-of-the-art technology.
  6. Support digitization efforts in Pakistan’s educational institutions.
  7. Assist organizations in utilizing advanced technology to modernize campus procedures.

PM Youth Laptop Scheme Registration Process

Objective: Provide laptops to talented students
Scope: Benefit 50,000 eligible students
Goal: Enhance IT sector and educational environments
Process: Visit the HEC website for online registration, fill out the registration form with contact and education details, receive notifications for updates and deadlines.

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The Prime Minister Laptop Scheme is a transformative initiative designed to equip deserving Pakistani students with the necessary tools for academic excellence and professional success. By providing free laptops to eligible students across public universities, the scheme fosters innovation, enhances access to technology, and promotes socioeconomic development in Pakistan.


  1. How are students chosen for the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme?
    Eligible students are selected based on merit criteria established by the Higher Education Commission. These criteria typically include academic performance and enrollment in public higher education institutions. Interested students can apply through the official HEC website.
  2. Are students from private universities eligible for the scheme?
    No, the scheme specifically targets students enrolled in public higher education institutions. Students from private universities are not eligible. However, they may explore other scholarship opportunities available through their institutions or government education programs.