Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
The Punjab Government has decided to Distribute Free Books among the Students in April 2024

The Punjab government has recently allocated a substantial sum of Rs. 1.6 billion towards providing complimentary books to every student enrolled in schools across the province. This initiative aims to enhance educational inclusivity and cultivate a learning-centric environment. By ensuring students’ access to essential learning materials and concurrently initiating a tree-planting endeavor, this program also advocates for environmental sustainability.

Implementation Details:

The Department of Finance has transferred the allocated funds to the Department of Schools Education, responsible for distributing free books to all schools in Punjab. School administrators are directed to engage in this ongoing initiative using specialized software for tree planting. Schools are encouraged to utilize the application’s uploaded photos to document their tree-planting endeavors. This platform will facilitate monitoring of the timber types planted and their growth progress.

Principals of all colleges have been formally notified by the School Education Department to adhere to the guidelines regarding the free e-book program and tree planting campaign. This directive aims to ensure consistency and accountability throughout the execution phase.

Positive Impact of the Program:

The Free Book Scheme offers numerous benefits to students, families, and the entire school district. Firstly, it alleviates financial burdens on parents, enabling them to allocate funds to essential aspects of their child’s education. Moreover, it fosters a supportive learning environment by ensuring all students have access to requisite course materials.

Scheme NameFree Book Scheme
Budget AllocationRs. 1.6 billion
PurposeTo provide free books to all students in Punjab’s schools
Implementation ProcessFunds delegated to Department of Schools Education; Principals instructed for tree planting
Positive ImpactRelieves financial burden on parents; Promotes supportive learning environment
Free Book Scheme


The Free Book Scheme, with a budget allocation of Rs. 1.6 billion, aims to provide free books to all students in Punjab’s schools. Through a streamlined implementation process overseen by the Department of Schools Education, and with principals instructed to engage in tree planting initiatives, the scheme seeks to alleviate financial burdens on parents while fostering a supportive learning environment for students.

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  1. How will the Free Book Scheme benefit students and their families?
  • The Free Book Scheme aims to alleviate financial burdens on parents by providing essential course materials free of charge to students in Punjab’s schools. This initiative allows families to redirect funds to other critical aspects of their children’s education.
  1. What measures are in place to ensure effective implementation of the scheme?
  • The scheme’s implementation involves the delegation of funds to the Department of Schools Education and instructions given to school principals for participation in tree planting activities. This coordinated approach ensures accountability and consistency throughout the implementation process.