Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
Ehsaas Program 25000 Complete Account Verification in April 2024

Exciting news for underprivileged individuals in Pakistan! Ehsaas Program 25000 Complete Account Verification in April 2024′ initiative offers marginalized communities a doubled payout of Rs.25,000 to eligible recipients, pending account verification. This article offers guidance on how individuals can qualify for Ehsaas programs by verifying their accounts, ensuring timely financial assistance.

Step-by-Step Guide to Ehsaas Account Verification 2024

Verifying your Ehsaas account is a straightforward process. Here’s a detailed guide to assist you:

  1. Ensure you possess a valid NADRA ID. If your ID has expired, renew it before proceeding.
  2. Visit your nearest Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) office with your updated ID card. A representative will assist you in updating your information.
  3. Following the update, you’ll receive an eligibility confirmation message from 8171, validating your registration in the Pakistan government Ehsaas Program.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Receive Your Ehsaas Payment

If you’ve completed the account verification but haven’t received your payment yet, follow these steps:

  1. Visit your nearest BISP office if you encounter any issues with your compensation.
  2. If your contribution is canceled due to registration problems, re-register your account by visiting the BISP Center and completing the survey with updated information.
  3. Upon submitting the query, you’ll receive a notification confirming your account verification and the provision of timely service.

How to Check Your Ehsaas Payment in 2024?

Upon receiving an account verification response from 8171, follow these steps:

  1. Be aware that your service will commence, and ensure your ID number is updated as the grant will be linked to it.
  2. Check your allowance online conveniently using the number 8171. Detailed payment instructions will be provided in the article.

How to Register Online Using Your CNIC Number?

Whether you’ve re-verified your account or not, follow these steps to enroll in the Ehsaas program online:

  1. Save your CNIC number for registration purposes.
  2. Complete the online registration form with essential details such as your ID number, mobile phone number, family information, and income details.
  3. Upon submission, you’ll receive confirmation of successful registration from 8171, enabling you to access financial services at the BISP Center.


In conclusion, ensuring the verification of your Ehsaas Program account for April 2024 is crucial for accessing financial assistance. By following the outlined steps, you can swiftly complete the process and secure your eligibility for the Rs. 25,000 payouts. Don’t delay; take action today to benefit from this valuable program.