Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
Registration for the Ehsaas Nashonuma Program 2024 is now open for enrollment (Latest Updates)

The Ehsaas Nashunuma Program stands as Pakistan’s exclusive initiative catering to the needs of expectant mothers. Designed to support pregnant individuals, the Ehsaas Nashonuma program aims to ensure adequate nourishment for newborns. Upon childbirth, beneficiaries receive a monthly stipend of 2000, with an increased amount of 2500 for girls.

Who qualifies for this Program?

Any pregnant woman or sister who enrolls for this program is eligible to participate. Women who are not pregnant cannot enroll. However, upon marriage, they become eligible. Once pregnant, they receive assistance from this program, facilitating the care of their children. Pregnant women facing financial constraints that hinder timely consumption of meals and medications are eligible. Additionally, lactating mothers with children under two years old can enroll.

Ehsaas Nashunma Program

How to Register

Registering for the Ehsaas Nashunma Program is straightforward. Visit the Ehsaas Nashunma Program office with required documents. You can find the office address by contacting the Ehsaas Program, the BISP Program, the Ehsaas Ration Program, or the Ehsaas Kafalat Program. Once at the office, accompany your wife to complete the registration process.

The Government of Pakistan facilitates registration. Upon childbirth, mothers receive financial assistance, with 2500 rupees for a girl and 2000 rupees for a boy. Enrollment is swift, ensuring prompt support from the government. To register, the wife must either be pregnant or have a child under the age of two.

Online Registration for the Ehsaas Nashonuma Program

You can also register for the Ehsaas Nashonuma program online. Follow the provided procedure, sending your ID card number to 8171. This simple process ensures online registration without the need for additional steps.

EligibilityPregnant mothers or sisters, married women, lactating mothers with children under two are eligible for the Ehsaas Nashonuma Program.
Registration ProcessRegistration is simple, requiring a visit to the Ehsaas Nashunuma Program office with necessary documents. Pregnant women or mothers of children under two can enroll.
Online RegistrationRegistration for the program can also be done online by sending the ID card number to 8171.

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The Ehsaas Nashonuma Program in Pakistan serves as a vital support system for pregnant and lactating mothers, ensuring their well-being and that of their children. With straightforward registration processes, both in-person and online, the program strives to reach those in need efficiently. Through financial assistance and other forms of support, the program aims to alleviate the burdens faced by vulnerable mothers, contributing to healthier outcomes for both mothers and their children.


  1. How can I determine if I qualify for the Ehsaas Nashonuma Program?
    Eligibility criteria include being pregnant, married, or a lactating mother with children under two years old. Pregnant women facing financial constraints are also eligible. For further details, you can visit the nearest Ehsaas Nashonuma Program office or contact related programs like Ehsaas, BISP, Ehsaas Ration, or Ehsaas Kafalat.
  2. Is there a specific process for online registration, and how do I complete it?
    Online registration for the Ehsaas Nashonuma Program is simple. Just send your ID card number to 8171. This process streamlines registration, eliminating the need for additional steps. However, ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements before initiating the registration process.